ALMS is a custom app specifically designed to survey instrumentation assets in the manufacturing environment.

It is particularly aimed at the Life Science and Oil and Gas sectors.

The app is an efficient cost effective way of having your assets surveyed for: robustness, risk of failure and lifecycle replacement initiatives.

The app takes photos of each asset and saves them in its database. This allows the client to see the actual condition of the equipment.

The app uses a 10 point assessment process including a facility for recording obsolescence of supplier equipment.

In conjunction with the clients maintenance system it assigns a risk factor to potential failure.

The app runs on an Ex Tablet that can be taken directly into hazardous areas to carry out assessments on-line, thus saving laborious and time wasting transposition of data and results.

The app has an import and export function to Excel which is used to upload clients assets and criticality data.

The export function allows for the creation of statistical output in the form of tables and graphs.

The end result is a custom report for the client with recommendations based on the survey.

In summary the app saves you time and money by enabling the “on line” assessment of assets which provides an efficient platform for report generation.

To see how ALMS works, check out our short demo here.