Ian H Campbell Consultancy Ltd

Offering E Learning modules, maintenance risk evaluation and Engineering consultancy services.

It prides itself on the efficient use of technology. This helps maintain the businesses profitability which in turn provides a motivational platform for its employees.

Ian Campbell

Managing Director

Ian has worked for GlaxoSmithKline for over 32 years and has extensive experience working in the areas of Automation/Instrumentation, Operational Excellence and Organisational Design.

Ian specializes in Instrument Maintenance Systems particularly, Validation and Compliance.  He is also expert in Organisational Design and in particular applying manufacturing excellence techniques to departmental design.

Ian has won various directors awards for achievement and holds a 1st Class Hon degree in HRM.

Ian is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Ian has recently developed a software system for the assessment of aging instrumentation.  The system runs on a windows 10 platform installed on an Ex tablet. It uses a 10 point assessment process producing a report on robustness, risk of failure and budget cost of replacement.  This is to aid in the assessment of aging plant as commented on by the HSE. The system is the Intellectual Property of the business and is copyrighted.

Specialist training
Organisational Design:  Trained by Work Structure Limited (WSL)
Situational Analysis:   Trained by Kepner Tregoe (KT)
Operational Excellence:   Trained by AIR Academy (USA) and GSK (Green Belt)

Laura Bradley

Head of Operations Support and E Learning

Laura has a background in Biomedical Science and successfully graduated with an honours degree in the subject in 2010. She also has a qualification in business and management.

During her time studying she covered a range of topics giving her insight into topics such as Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry and Microbiology. During her 4th year at university Laura spent 6 months working on a project, funded by the Scottish Government, which focused on alternative Biofuels. In particular, converting seaweed to methane for use as a biofuel.

Laura, during the last 4 years worked for Infinity Automation who specialize in Business Automation consultation services based within the Life Science sector.

Laura has specific skills and qualifications in E Learning and has just completed an extensive assignment for a client. Laura is particularly skilled at using the “Articulate” E Learning package and is qualified in its use.  Laura is currently developing the E learning material for our proprietary software system.

Specialist training

E Learning:  Qualified in the use of Articulate
Finance:   Trained in the use of Sage