eLn Connect!

I’m recently back from  the eLN Connect event that took place on November 7th in London. It started early morning ( or really late the night before, as I took the sleeper from Glasgow) in a city that I’m not too familiar with! The underground, while still daunting, was surprisingly easy to navigate- my first success of the day!
I arrived at the event and got myself familiar with the program. There was a lot of talks on but also time carved out specifically for networking, a great touch!
Luckily I knew someone who was attending, and who knew pretty much everyone at the event so I got introduced to a lot of key players in the industry.
Don’t let not knowing anyone put you off going to the next one though! Everyone is extremely friendly and ready to welcome newcomers.

I made the most of my time, although some talks overlapped, I found what was relevant to my position and what may be useful in my professional development.

The best part of the event however was the connections made! I met some very talented IDs who were happy to offer some valuable advice, and swap contact information to keep in touch.
I learned about various new software(s) that were exhibiting at the event. I’m definitely excited to try out some of them!

All in all, this is a really great event for meeting people in the industry and building or strengthening connections. As a bit of a newcomer in the industry, I definitely recommend attending this next year, and I’ll be keeping an eye on upcoming events!