Takeaways from eLearning Design Course

Professional development is very to important to us, I’m often researching articles, blogs, courses and new software to keep our eLearning techniques relevant and desirable.

On one such occasion I came across the TAP Academy, a professional body offering several certificates in various areas of L&D.
After chatting to the staff and reading through course specs I decided to apply for the eLearning Design course. I’m from a science background so it was interesting to me to learn how the journey of deigning a module comes together.
I achieved my certificate in August this year and have been implementing my new found skills in eLearning projects since.

I’d like to take a minute to share my personal takeaways from this experience.

  • The importance of having a full overview. Have clear objectives of what you want the learner to achieve. Although this might sound like common sense, I have been victim to getting lost in creativity and straying from the end goal. It can add on extra time and cause extra work that although may look good, isn’t necessary to the learner.
  • Taking time to plan. One of the most useful things I learned was  storyboarding! Setting out your design, text, animations etc, gives a clear indication of where you are taking the module and is great to share with your team and your client.
  • The use of colour and fonts. It’s not something I paid a huge amount of attention to before, I could keep colours and fonts simple and consistent. I’ve since learned how influential a simple thing like a font can be to the learner. Use fonts that a relevant, eye catching but most importantly READABLE. No-one can learn if they can’t read the information! The use of colour to make text stand out is important, whether it’s text colour or background colour, it can really make a difference to the finished product.
  • How long it can take! I work on a solo team, as in I do all aspects of creating modules (apart from some input from SME’s when needed). I know from previous projects from early on in my career that it is a lot of work to create even a 5 minute module. But I now have the confidence that this is expected and it can take 100s of hours to create a high spec module!

I gained a lot from this course and I keen to continue my education in this field. I’m going to go back to TAP and decide what’s next for me!