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What is ALMS

ALMS is a proprietary software application tool that assesses the robustness of instruments associated with aging plant and provides a risk value based on production downtime.

Hows it Used

The software is used by experienced technicians and provides a consistent approach to assessment using a 10 point evaluation process.

How Does it work

The software can upload and download to Excel in order to provide the client with a detailed assessment score of their assets.

What does ALMS do

The system takes into account spares holding and current installed base obsolescence and applies a factor for the risk calculation.

Our Objectives

  • Become an important resource to our clients through our experience in the Life Science industry.
  • Create useful and engaging e-learning modules which elevate our clients training processes.
  • Acknowledging the ever-changing dynamics of the industry and working to meet each new challenge.
  • Create and provide an innovative solution for assessing robustness and risk in ageing plants.
News Flash!

Professional Development

After completing her Certificate in Digital Learning Strategy and Creating Visual Impact from the TAP Academy, Laura has applied to undertake two more Certificates in Learning Needs Analysis and the Theoretical Basis of Learning. This will complete her diploma in
L & D. 

Increasing our skill levels and encouraging development within our job roles is a strong business objective for IHC consultancy.

Helping Hands

So pleased to have had the opportunity to take part in the ‘African Vision Malawi’ sponsored bike ride this year.
The 9 participants managed to raise over £12,000, which will be used to further the work of the charity, supporting orphans and individuals with disabilities.
These bike rides never fail to remind you of how fortunate we are in this part of the world with our relative wealth and support networks.
AVM is a fantastic example of a small charity making a big differences to individual lives.